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6    What’s On

Your guide to concerts, theatre, lectures and events around town and up and down the coast.

13    The modern western
Craig Johnson, the creator of the popular show,  “Longmire,” visits Palm Coast this winter.
By Susan Slater

17    Family Flow Fest
The new movement catching on across Florida comes to Palm Coast in January.
By Casandra Tanenbaum and Barrie Michaels

23    Setting the stage
Lucy Val Castro creates spaces that appeal to home buyers.
By Andrew Gross

29    Priceless
There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park.
By Mark Estes

35    Living like a Timucuan
The local Timucuan ate a variety of food, much of it available today in the woods and waters of northeast Florida.
By Mark Estes

39    Looking back
The 1974 Tournament of Champions took place at the just-opened Palm Harbor Golf Course.
By David Varner

42    A beachcomber’s guide to the             tides
Tide tables for the Atlantic Ocean beaches of Flagler County.

44    The Moment
Some thoughts on time well spent.
By Sharon Rickey-Gudenberg